Sunday, June 24, 2012

Start of Rheema's education

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My daughter is in her 2nd week of nursery school. I remember her first day of school, I used my crochet hair  accessories on her. She really loves it and started to pose  to take a photo. She is my number one fan in all of my projects. I see her walking to the gate of her school and smiling, and I sense that she’s so proud of what she’s wearing. I thank God that He gave me talent like this for my daughter’s appreciation.

Her school is just nearby, so we walk when we go to school and walk going back to our house. This is the first time I walk with my 3year old child within 15 minutes without carrying her. She doesn’t ask me to carry her or bring her stroller with us. We just talk about what she does in her school. She is so brilliant that she can tell me everything what happened to her classmates, teacher, snack time, story telling and in all of their activities.

 I realized in 5 days time, It was my 3hours break in my daily routine as mom and crocheter. Before, my day passed without knowing that it is noontime already. Of course, my crocheting hobby is one of my daily chores. But now, when she goes to school, for 2 hours, I just lay down, listen to the music or read my devotional book.

Anyway, one of my thanks to God is giving me knowledge to crochet things like hair accessories for my child. Giving her confidence when she goes to school wearing crochet hair accessories I made for her. I told her “ she is so beautiful, do not cry in school because mommy will come back for her” and she did……  

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